what is your cleaning style?

By Go Cleaning

Everyone has a specific cleaning style/personality which can define how you organize and clean your living and work space.

In this post, you will read about the 4 most common cleaning personalities and how Go Cleaning can help you!

1. The Procrastinator.

This one is self-explanatory. As a procrastinator, you are, for the most part coming up with reasons why you are choosing to not clean or organize your living /work space.

Here are some common characteristics of a procrastinator

– You have piles of objects such as mail, boxes or bags in one or many areas in your home or office space.

– You repeatedly tell yourself and others “Oh, I’ve been meaning to clean this.”

– You have a bin that is not quite full but isn’t overflowing.

– You have a lot of clutter in your living or office space.

– You try to justify to others why your living/office space isn’t clean.

If you identify as a Procrastinator, choosing Go Cleaning as a cleaning service would be the best option for you as they are professional, punctual and positive! Additionally, you can schedule Go Cleaning to come to clean your living or office space as frequently as you’d like!

##2. The Ultimate Clean Freak
The Ultimate Clean Freak, again this cleaning personality is self-explanatory. If you identify as a Clean Freak you know your home or office is always spotless and that you thrive at knowing that you have in your opinion the cleanest home or office in the area.

Here are some characteristics of a Clean Freak

– You choose to clean your home/office space yourself.

– No dust or clutter can be found in your home (to your knowledge).

– Your laundry and dishes are always clean.

Now, if you identify as Clean Freak and you are wondering how Go Cleaning can help you? Look no further! Imagine you have gone on a personal or work-related trip, a close friend or family member poses the question “Who’s going to clean your home while you’re away?” and you reply “I didn’t think of this, I don’t want my house/office space to become messy while I’m away”.

Go Cleaning has got you covered! You can hire trusted cleaners to come in and clean your home or office space while you are away. Go Cleaning offers a wide variety of cleaning services and you can schedule them to come in when you need them!

##3. The Customer
As a customer, you are always purchasing new objects that can range from new clothing to new technology, as new things come into the home or office space, the old objects are left in a pile to gather dust. Are you wondering if you are a customer?

Here are some characteristics of a customer

– Buys new things but will never throw old things away.

– Piles of objects near the entrance of the home or office.

– Unable to find time to clean because of various commitments.

Wondering how Go Cleaning can help you? If you identify as a customer, Go Cleaning can help you by cleaning your living/office space at your convenience which will leave more time for you to do the things you love! You can schedule cleaners from Go Cleaning at your convenience and trust them to get the job done! They won’t declutter your house but they will do the basic cleaning in the following areas; The bathroom, living room, kitchen and the shared common rooms.

The last common cleaning personality is …

##4. The In Control Cleaner.
As an In Control cleaner, you are rather obsessive about your living/work space and would rather clean the whole area yourself rather than to let someone else clean it for you. A control cleaner would rather be involved in the cleaning process than not.

Here are some characteristics of an In Control Cleaner

– Will watch others clean.

– Will always be concerned about something being damaged.

– Typically clean the house before others arrive.

– Asks many questions.

– Believes everything must match, nothing can be out of place.

Go Cleaning can help these type of cleaners as we can meet your cleaning needs and we are very flexible and we want to help you meet your cleaning goals.